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Privremen posao Hotel Guest Photographer 2017 / Hotelski Fotograf

Time Photography – Objavio Time PhotographyEgeo, Greece

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Opis posla

Place of working :   Rodos  /  Rhodes Island,  Greece.
Working  period:  from 05 -10. 04. 2017.   until   20 – 31. 10. 2017.
Persons required:   4 + 4

Gender: Male or Female         Age: 22-40
Character profile:  Positive and outgoing attitude, responsible, organised, motivated, creative, team player, tidy.
Training period:   Full Training 10 days
Job description: Taking photos of Hotel guests during a dinner time,  in front of the main restaurant /other area and selling photos  displayed on boards next morning during a breakfast time, at same place, single and team work.
Approaching the guests, politely, making good impression, with professional attitude, suggesting, informing and asking to have their photographs taken ( families, couples ,singles, groups). Working in various  Hotels, different locations
Working hours:   7  Hours of active work in Hotel, rest of time spending in duties , coming to office, short meeting, job organising, transporting  (driving)  to Hotel and back.   Total daily hours 10-11. Monthly days off : 4 (every week )
Photo  Equipment  / Cars :  Provided by Employer                                                                                                                                                     Dress code:  Casual uniforms,  polo shirt &  ID tag.( decent jeans or dark  trousers owned by photographer )
No Drugs, no Alcohol. Smoking  is forbidden in working hours.                                                                                                                               Driving license:  B  category –  Active driver
Working experience for Senior Photographer: At least  5 months as a Hotel photographer,  Cruise ship photographer or Event photographer with good result and effectivity,( reference /recommendation letter ) fluent english speaking,  preferable  languages are  German, French, Polish, Italian, Russian.

Working experience for Junior Photographer: At least  3 months as a Hotel photographer, Cruise ship Photographer, Event photographer or alternative experience in Tourism related jobs, Public relation,direct customer selling, Hotel  entertainment, fluent english speaking,  preferable  languages are  German, French, Polish, Italian, Russian.
Wage: Fixed Salary 25 EUR daily (26-27 Working days Monthly ) + Sales Commission.
Junior Photographer – Possibility to earn in total monthly from 900 EUR  up to 1.400 EUR
Senior Photographer – Possibility to earn in total monthly from 1.100 EUR  up to 1.800 EUR
Extra Bonus on the end of finished season and presented Job agreement.
– Junior photographer 250 EUR
– Senior Photographer 300 EUR
Medical insurance cover (Except first month )
Accommodation :
Employee it’s paying 160 EUR  monthly
Employer it’s paying  110 EUR monthly.
Total price of apartment : 270 EUR                                                                                                                                                                                  One comfortable room apartment,  with A/C , small kitchen, bathroom,balcony, Available internet (cable connection)
Cost of electric energy based on consuming : Normal consuming approximately from 10-25 EUR  monthly.
Food and Drinks not provided.
Please visit:     https://www.flickr.com/photos/timephotographyhotel/

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Please send you CV on : office@timephotographyhotel.com

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